The Digital Retail Award Shortlist 2017

Customer Journey: Digital projects focusing on cross-channel communication

Magyar Telekom, Stargate
Projekt: Stargate - Online Checkin in the Unified Telekom Application

Nolte & Lauth, Daimler – smart
Projekt: smart HoloLens Experience

Instore: Digitale projects and applications in the store

Demodern, Ikea
Projekt: IKEA - Virtual Reality Showroom

Do It!, Telekom Virtual Reality Fitness Bike
Projekt: Virtual Reality Fitness Bike

eyefactive, Be:Two für Mars Petcare
Projekt: Future Store - Tiernahungsabteilung der Zukunft für Mars Petcare in Berlin

Havas beebop, Ecco Schuhe GmbH
Projekt: Cool from every angle

Lepel & Lepel Architekt Innenarchitektin, Telekom
Projekt: MagentaZuhause Lounge

Lepel & Lepel Architekt Innenarchitektin, Telekom
Projekt: Virtual Reality Lounge

MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group, HoloTour
Projekt: HoloTour - Die Zukunft des Einkaufens: Augmented Reality

MuSe Content, Störtebeker Braumanufaktur
Projekt: Störtebeker Shop&Taste

Nolte & Lauth, Daimler – smart
Projekt: smart Digital Showroom Experience

Westiform, Valiant Bank
Projekt: Banking 2.0: Virtuelle Filiale für Valiant Bank


App & Eat
Projekt: App & Eat - Warten war gestern

Fluur – Büro für interaktive Gestaltung, Yello Strom
Projekt: NOWA - Das interaktive Schaufenster

Magyar Telekom

Isobar Budapest
Futurion Informatikai és Szolgáltató Kft.

Magyar Telekom

A solution to a widespread challenge: how do I provide a user-friendly and convenient online contact for my customers? Magyar Telekom and Stargate developed an app to enhance the check-in process for the shops of the Hungarian telecommunications company. Customers and customer service reps were included in the development from the start.

 “A solution that works,” says the jury. “The project relies on existing components and expands them by a further service aspect. This creates a seamless solution that offers added value to the customer. At the same time, the sender's own products are used in the solution and integrated into the costumer journey. The project shows how the Costumer Journey can be improved for the user even in small steps.”

MuSe Content GmbH

wertmarke hamburg

Störtebeker Braumanufaktur GmbH

Multiscreen signage for the POS: MuSe Content developed a digital signage solution for Störtebeker Braumanufaktur that fuses various locations, screen sizes and content elements into a meaningful shop experience. A digital display case at the entrance promotes events and culinary specials. A behind-the-counter display at the brand shop provides information about upcoming beer tastings and whether they have space available. In addition, interactive displays placed around the room present product details – for example about the 16 different varieties of craft beer. One core element is the Störtebeker Place & Learn solution – a digital beer sommelier. In addition, following beer tastings, customers can use touch terminals to order their favourites and have them delivered right to their home.

 „A clear, sophisticated concept, with an upscale design end-to-end as well as a solid and self-consistent realization,“ establishes the jury. „The project creates milestones by showing how projects appreciate in value if they focus on quality and clarity at all levels of their development and realization. The topic is realized according to the communication objectives of emotion, information and promotion. The storytelling as well as the utilization by the user demonstrate an obvious clarity. The project, thus, integrates ideally into its environment.“

MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group

Media Markt Saturn

Shopping with an avatar: augmented reality can be used to make the customer shopping experience at the POS even more attractive and informative. The electronics retailer Saturn created an avatar for the HoloLens. With the aid of mixed reality glasses, customers are accompanied on their shopping trip by their virtual representative. Along the way, the avatar delivers helpful information about the product. Saturn lays claim to being the first retailer to offer this augmented reality experience.

 „The virtual backing of in-store retailing is one of the future tasks of the retail trade that this solution just yet fathoms innovatively,” remarks the jury. „In an early stage of mixed reality solutions the corporeal presence is supplemented with a digital surplus value in a way that exactly meets the customer’s needs. This solution dares to look into the future under real-life conditions. The project was launched in 20 branches already and explores the prospects and challenges of blending channels on the way to seamless omnichannel solutions.”

Demodern GmbH

German Wahnsinn

IKEA Deutschland

Interactive inspiration in 3D: at select IKEA furniture stores, customers can use the Oculus Rift application developed by Demodern to bring rooms to life. The Virtual Reality Showroom makes it possible to combine and explore various pieces of furniture and materials. According to Demodern, this is the first product presentation worldwide that enables customers to interactively experience products in a 3D showroom with the help of virtual reality.

“The worlds of experience in the permanent retail trade are coalescing. This project demonstrates commendably how analogous products and  digital content can ideally merge”, commends the jury. “Here is a meaningful and not trivial answer to typical customer questions. The solution makes the abstract process of buying furniture very concrete. The combination of the virtual experience, the corporeal sensation of textiles as well as the real-life sampling of the furniture creates a multisensoric experience and sets the stage for a real surplus value in the store.”

App & Eat

App & Eat

Smart shopping for the bakers’ and butchers’: App & Eat lets customers use their smartphones to view the selections offered by nearby bakers and butchers, pre-order products and have them prepared based on personal preference. Additionally, they can retrieve information about ingredients and allergens. Payments are done via credit card or PayPal. Once customers have received their pickup number, they can pick up their order at the store at the desired time without having to wait.

“This potential business concept provides both, retailers and customers, with surplus value. It integrates player into the value chain of convenient food that as of yet could not acces it easily due to their infrastructure. The solution can be integrated into the store without huge investments and is scalable by clear income components.”

FLUUR - Büro für interaktive Gestaltung

Yello Strom GmbH

Customers control the displays: NOWA makes digital displays interactive. Customers use a QR code or enter a web address in their smartphones to navigate to a mobile microsite. Once there, they can directly access the digital content of the shop window and, for example, browse a catalogue, see products in 360-degree view or personalise the colour and material selection. Since controls aren’t app-based but are handled directly from the browser, user control is easy and doesn’t require large data volumes. The app was developed by Fluur – The Office for Interactive Design for the energy company Yello Strom.

“This easy-to-use technology connects customer and product in a playful way,” praises the jury. “The trendsetting solution integrates the smart phone into the in-store communication and creates an individual experience at the point of sale. The intelligent concept uses software as a service tool and shows an useful application of QR codes. With the Special Award we explicitly honour the idea without taking into account the underlying business modell.”


Daimler AG

Customer experience in 3D: with an app for the HoloLens, Nolte & Lauth and Daimler further connect the customer experiences in the real and virtual worlds. Augmented reality technology enables smart customers using mixed reality glasses to experience the model’s features in 3D right at the car. The showroom is thus enhanced with context-sensitive information that would be difficult to display in the real world.

Westiform AG

Valiant Bank AG

Digital signage for bank branches: commissioned by Valiant Bank, Westiform developed a branch that offers digitally-based personal onsite consultations while providing customers access to the full array of services even outside of regular business hours. The concept seamlessly connects classic digital signage elements at the POS and in the shop window, interactive touch applications in consultation rooms, and camera-based applications. The holistically designed experience provides customers with a personal contact, which results in the branch not having to be permanently staffed, despite banking products requiring lots of consultation.

Havas beebop

Merijula Media House

Ecco Schuhe GmbH

A 360-degree virtual reality experience: Havas beebop developed an in-store promotion module for Ecco Schuhe, which lets customers virtually experience sneakers from every angle. Via four different video productions, they can explore various application areas of the shoe. The videos can be preselected using touchscreen controls.

eyefactive GmbH

MMT GmbH & Co. KG
3M Deutschland

BE:TWO GmbH for Mars Petcare / Mars Inc.

Multitouch for animal lovers: what’s the future of brick-and-mortar retail going to look like? Developed for Mars Petcare, the solution by Eyefactive and Be:Two introduces an innovative concept for pet food departments in supermarkets. Using multitouch software, it enables the delivery of information for cat and dog owners as well as of purchasing incentives on multiple touchscreens. The concept has already been implemented for an Edeka market in Berlin.

LEPEL & LEPEL Architekt Innenarchitektin PartG mbB

Telekom Privatkunden Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH

One-click consultations: Lepel & Lepel Architecture, Interior Design developed the “MagentaZuhause Lounge” (“Magenta At Home Lounge”) for Telekom. It provides an online way for private customers to learn about the entire landline-based portfolio of the German telecommunications provider, everything from telephone and high-speed internet connections to the EntertainTV television experience and innovative home connectivity via Magenta SmartHome. Perfect customer consultations with a single click.


Daimler AG

Customer experience in the smallest of spaces: the smart Digital Showroom Experience lets users experience the smart car in all its facets at a space-saving touch table. An intuitive interface delivers high-resolution vehicle visualisations in flexible formats and quality levels. Furthermore, individually configurable NFC tags can be used to transfer physical properties such as paint colours to the virtual vehicle. Optionally, the touch table can also be connected to a power wall consisting of multiple screens. That way, vehicles can even be presented with images and videos in the original size. Plus, a tablet app enables mobile and flexible use anywhere in the store.


tennagels Medientechnik GmbH
LAVAlabs Moving Images GmbH & Co.KG

Telekom Privatkunden Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH

Live testing for wearables: a virtual bicycle tour shows customers at Telekom shops the features of fitness trackers and smartwatches, combining information about accessories, devices and matching rate plans. Prominent placement near the shop window draws interested customers into the shop. It’s an appealing way for them to pass the time if there’s a wait. By offering a personal product experience, the concept by Do It! also creates clear differentiation from online retail.

LEPEL & LEPEL Architekt Innenarchitektin PartG mbB

Telekom Privatkunden Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH

360-degree videos at the shop: Telekom devised a Virtual Reality Lounge for the POS to help introduce the new streaming service MagentaMusik 360. 360-degree videos of famous landmarks were produced specifically for the flagship store in Munich. For example, customers can experience the Glockenspiel at Munich’s town hall from the perspective of a figure inside the bell tower or watch surfers up-close as they take on the famous wave on Munich’s Eisbach river. The cross-channel project was developed by Lepel & Lepel Architecture, Interior Design.

Project Title: Nike Digital Retail Experience
Submitted by: Demodern GmbH
Customer: Nike

At 11teamsports’ Berlin flagship store the interaction between the big touch Display replica Kiosk, an interactive touch table with product information and an App allows shoppers to interact with the brand. In this way not only comprehensive product information but also social media content, product comparisons and the online shop were embedded in the store.

This is what the jury said about the winner:
The Nike Digital Retail Experience is pointing in exactly the right direction. With a well-thought-out multi-channel strategy, the project combines online and offline channels. Whether interaction with the brand, the integration of social media and online shop, or the digitally presented, haptic product comparison: the digital experience in the flagship store is being translated across all channels, coming together to result in one sensory experience.

Project:Project Title: LOWA Footscan 360°
Submitted by: netvico GmbH
Partner: corpus.e AG
Customer: LOWA

The LOWA Footscan 360° system scans shoppers’ feet and subsequently proposes various matching shoe styles. Potential problem areas are displayed before trying on. After shoppers have selected and tried the shoe on virtually online, final “dressing” takes place in store. For after-sales activities shoppers’ data is saved in a customer database. 

This is what the jury said about the winner:
A better purchasing experience for the customers, a higher level of consultation expertise for the retailer, relevant insights for the manufacturer: this project demonstrates the potential in the digitisation of bricks-and-mortar retail in an exemplary way. The foot scan goes way beyond a digital presentation and – despite significant weaknesses in the design – offers a real added value for everyone involved. And it is also an integral part of a multi-channel strategy in the after-sales phase. So thanks to its high level of functionality, the project intelligently conveys the essence of the brand.

Project: Project Title: Razorshop
Submitted by: Razorfish GmbH
Partner: Adobe
Customer: joint prototype Razorfish/Adobe

Razorshop is a store environment that uses digital technology to project a physical space that can be experienced and touched. Right at the store shoppers are given an extensive product overview as well as the possibility to compare value for money. The wide range offered online is linked with the physical ranges in the form of a demo environment.

This is the jury statement for this special award: 
With this project, the agency Razorfish has turned a bold vision into a reality. The jury is convinced: this is what the retail of the future will look like. But what is already technically feasible today cannot yet be implemented in such a consistency between the poles of specific customer wish, learned buying behaviour and legal requirements. In order to reinforce the topic of digital retail for the future viability of the industry, we need strong beacons like these, in which a wide range of technologies are seamlessly combined with one another and which point to the future by intelligently integrating the solutions.

Project: Europa-Park digitisation
Submitted by: MuSe Content GmbH
Partner: Scala BV und pilot Screentime GmbH
Customer: EUROPA-PARK GmbH & Co Mack KG

An all-encompassing communication and content management solution was developed for the EUROPA-PARK. The system combines all existing solutions, boasts intuitive handling and can be controlled from any place in the leisure park. The content management system was programmed in such a manner that all entered data (audio and video content) is displaced automatically at the right time and on the right occasion.

This is the jury statement for the winner:
The Europa Park theme park is using digitality in a targeted way so the visitors and park management can act just in time. With the real-time management of waiting situations and visitor flows, there is a real added value for both sides. Well integrated, implemented in a way that appeals to the target group and productive in terms of efficiency and logistics, the customer journey has been completely thought through.

Project: Weber Original Store – a store for all the senses
Submitted by: ppm planung + projekt management gmbh
Partner: Cosalux GmbH
Customer: Weber Grill

A flagship store, the Weber Original Store appeals to all the senses with a combination of guidance system, multi-sensorial approach and digital highlights. So-called Category Bowls are perfectly tuned to the respective departments in the store by means of projections, barbecue sounds and smells making for a mouth-watering customer journey.

This ist what the jury said about this special award:
A good digital solution doesn’t have to scream digitality. With a focus on a multisensory presentation of the Weber brand, the project integrates digital elements subtly but highly emotionally into a clearly zoned experience. Projection surfaces are reconsidered and further developed based on the product’s typical element – the lid of the round-shaped barbecue.

Project: Kick Off Art Edition Mumm
Submitted by: A-BLOK
Customer: Rotkäppchen-Mumm Sektkellereien GmbH

Being involved in the creative process of an artwork: this possibility was open to the trade fair visitors at the Art.Fair Cologne as part of the “Kick Off Art Edition Mumm”. As soon as visitors stepped onto a marked spot their silhouette was reflected on a screen. At the touch of a button this “artwork” was then digitised, printed out and shared via social media making art an interactive experience.

Project: 3D.Smart Display by 3D.Werk
Submitted by: 3D.Werk GmbH
Customer: Logitech

Equipped with a touch screen, the 3D.Smart Display provides shoppers with product presentations, online ratings, videos or test scenarios for Logitech products. In the process shoppers’ movements are recorded and screened by a built-in camera and then analysed by a piece of software.

Project: Digital Menu Boards introduced at IKEA furniture stores
Submitted by: echion Corporate Communication AG
Customer: IKEA

At the entrance of the IKEA stores and on the furniture exhibition areas customers are informed through digital signage totems of the current offers in the restaurant. The content is presented standardized, visually appealing and can be exchanged quickly and flexibly. The content is controlled either through the IKEA headquarters or by the various furniture stores.

Project Title: Interactive presentation of product worlds at the Hörmann Forum: Hörmann flagship exhibition furnished with digital signage solutions
Submitted by: komma,tec redaction GmbH
Partner: Ranger Design
Customer: Hörmann

Thanks to digital signage visitors to Hörmann’s flagship exhibition can now experience the company’s door, gate and garage solutions live. In addition to all the products on display touch-enabled displays with multi-lingual information are used. Even video walls with touch terminals serve as product finders. The touch applications can be built and filled with content intuitively. 

Project: ePoster – the digital poster
Submitted by: Neo Advertising GmbH
Customer: EDEKA

The ePoster is a high-illuminance LCD display with integrated software in a customisable frame. It can be hung like a picture frame. As an all-in-one solution it fuses innovative design with user friendliness and is every bit as good as a conventional digital signage solution.

Project: Senvion WindEnergy 2016
Submitted by: Tennagels Medientechnik GmbH 
Customer: Glet.bewegt für Senvion Deutschland

Geared to live communication needs and PoS applications, the modular LED curtain walling system curveLED(R) P15.6 boasts high transparency, bendability and low pixel pitch.

Project: Europe’s biggest indoor video wall
Submitted by: SHARP BUSINESS SYSTEMS DEUTSCHLAND GMBH together with Ben Hur GmbH
Customer: Düsseldorf Airport

This video wall was created for advertising purposes in Terminal 1 of Düsseldorf airport. Here the content has to be presented in a very bright environment. At the same time, there was very strict brief in terms of fire loads and certifications. The frameless wall (60”) is made up of 2 x 5 x 5 PN-V602 displays.

Project:  I-AID, Interactive Airport Desk
Submitted by: COSALUX GmbH
Customer: Fraport AG

The forward-looking I-AID table was built with a clear design language to help airport visitors find their bearings in German, English and Chinese. As an interactive map it shows users’ real-time information on flights, digital signposting as well as details on retail, catering and services offered at the Frankfurt airport.

Project: CSOB saving inspirations campaign with customer behaviour analyses
Submitted by: FaceMedia SK, s.r.o.
Partner: PRime time, s.r.o. - PR Agency
Customer: Ceskoslovenská obchodná banka, a. s.

Facemedia is a system that uses face recognition to automatically capture the bank client’s mood. With the help of this data the right content of relevance to the client can be displayed. After scanning the reactions the system can further optimise itself.

Project: Drive thru and don't just pass by
Submitted by: Global Display Solutions SpA
Customer: Starbucks Corporation

In the USA outdoor display solutions (46” QSR) were installed at all of Starbuck’s drive-thru stations. Using camera-to-camera interaction – known from Skype or FaceTime – the best communication possible between the shopper and the barista is established given that the given outdoor requirements as well as the disturbing noise of a built-in air-conditioning system proved an additional challenge.

Project: Welle 7 – digital touch points
Submitted by: screenFOODnet Digital Signage Retail Services AG
Partner: Office Germany - StudioMU GmbH and Republica AG
Customer: Genossenschaft Migros Aare

At Bern railway station the new concept centre Welle 7 focuses on digital touch points that accompany, inform, entertain and guide visitors on their customer journey. Via «DataCore» the digital touch points are linked with all systems.

Project: ca¦smartEDITOR for ebay / for amazon
Submitted by: Color Alliance GmbH
Customer: Expo Express, Miami Florida

The new smartEditor now also allows Amazon and eBay users to design and customise their products – one-offs. Shoppers just select their product at Amazon or on eBay. Before ordering they can custom-design them. After confirmation the product is placed in the Amazon or eBay shopping basket and then processed in the production workflow of the service provider and/or shop operator.

Project: Bosch Experience Zone
Client: Robert Bosch GmH
Contractor: dimedis GmbH

The “Bosch Experience Zone” project prevailed in the Retail Signage category. The innovative infotainment solution enables customers at the POS to learn everything they need to know about Bosch products and try them out in real-life scenarios. In addition, the Bosch Experience Zone proposes solutions for construction projects customers are planning.

This is what the jury said about the winner:

“The project cleverly highlights the Bosch brand within the competitive shop environment giving it a distinctive look and feel. Regardless of the distance: the application is perceived well from near and far and encourages use by shoppers. Well-conceived details and excellent user guidance ensure a structured flow of information with added value. The application also combines useful elements such as the price scanner with other information. The project is rounded off by an attention to detail such as the language setting and consistent adaptation of icons as design elements, for example.”

Project: ApoShelf: Interaktive virtual shelves at the POS
Client: OPTIMUM-Media GmbH
Contractor: eyefactive GmbH

The ApoShelf interactive shelving system for pharmacies optimises consultations and processes at the POS. Interconnectedness with the stock control system, for example with an automated commissioning machine, makes it possible to directly view products on touchscreens and place them into the shopping basket. Moreover, selecting a product lets users view application videos, product descriptions or promotional videos. Prices are loaded straight from the inventory control system. Thanks to an integrated cross-selling feature, the system can automatically display information complementary to the current selection on adjacent shelve displays or suggest additional products for purchase. The shelves can be set up for any desired consultation topic, and thanks to their touchscreen-powered interactivity they’re perfect for dispensing advice to customers. Pharmacists should benefit as well, because reduced stock quantities, and hence lower capital commitments, allow them to react more flexibly to seasonal or day-to-day events.

Project: Ads in the Air
Client: Citycon Oy
Contractor: FogScreen Ads in the Air Inc.

High-resolution images that float in the air as they are projected onto fog and react to body movements – it’s made possible by Ads in the Air, one of the first walkable digital signage- installations worldwide, according to the manufacturer. Ads in the Air is currently deployed at the Iso Omena shopping centre in Espoo, Finland. Ads are projected into the air to allow visitors to ride up the escalator and through the interactive scenes in a way that’s highly attention-grabbing. The business model itself aims at selling advertising space – not the hardware or installations.

Project: Conveying emotions from the red carpet to the multi-display show
Client: Kull & Weinzierl GmbH & Co. KG
Contractor: Iltis & Wiesel UG & Co. KG

Photos with as many guests as possible in front of a sponsor backdrop on a red carpet – the multi-display show helps make it possible. Emotions are required when the goal is to use such photos of event guests in social networks to draw attention to company websites or events. It’s these emotions, captured on pictures, that are transported by Wi-Fi from the red carpet to the multi-display show, which consist of five [re:frame] design monitors encased in real gold and silver. These are hung as eye-catchers in the trees all around the venue, displaying images of guests on the red carpet. In turn, these visually appealing display installations entice other guests to pose for a photo on the red carpet as well, which creates a dynamic flow of guests and emotions.

Project: Talking Supermarket
Client: COOP
Contractor: Carlo Ratti AssociatI

The “Talking Supermarket” project by COOP was able to win over the jury in the Interactive Signage segment. The ultra-modern supermarket supplies shoppers with comprehensive information about products, their ingredients, calories, origin, environmental footprint and much more. Customers can interactively engage with the system via a motion sensor.

This is what the jury said:

“Even if this is not a realistic supermarket but rather an exhibition concept, the project still gives fresh impetus to the shopping experience of the future. The concept records the customer’s requirements for information and sustainability which it cleverly projects. Well-designed and technically tuned, the project communicates a clear vision which also complies with the actual intended application of a showroom, whereby various interaction applications are used which are harmoniously integrated in the shopping process.”

The supermarket project was designed and implemented by Carlo Ratti Associati in cooperation with the Italian supermarket chain COOP Italia.

Project: Round 360° multitouch bar tables at the Hyatt Istanbul sky bar
Client: Avitec
Contractor: eyefactive GmbH

Interactive digital signage in a bar operation: located in the sky bar of the Hyatt Hotel at Istanbul New Airport are two round tables that recognise touches, objects and glasses in real-time. This feature is made possible by a specially developed multitouch tracking technology: special cameras record the display surface from underneath the circular touchscreens of the multitouch bar tables. Software processes the image data and provides correlating information regarding touchpoints and objects located on top of the display. As a result, virtual lines may connect drinks placed on the surface with each other, and guests can create visual effects through touch. The system recognises glasses by printed tags on the bottom. Integrating multitouch technology into existing bar furniture and using an adaptable application helps to convey classic digital signage content, while interactively engaging sky bar guests and visitors and involving them in the communication process.

Project: Realignment of the Deutsche Post DHL Group Innovation Center
Client: Deutsche Post DHL Group
Contractor: Grassfish Marketing Technologies GmbH
Partner: Cancom Didas GmbH

The Deutsche Post DHL Innovation Center in Troisdorf near Bonn is based on the idea of developing innovations jointly with customers and within a network of industry and research partners. With the realignment of the Innovation Center executed in 2015, DPDHL Group aims to ensure that it remains a driving force in the global evolution of the logistics industry. At the new Innovation Center, social and economic trends and solutions are visualised on interactive screens and video walls. Thanks to customisable tours, visitors have an opportunity to experience various scenarios. A new centralised content management system enables administration of the entire media content as well as interactive controls, including of the lighting and audio concept. As the software provider, Grassfish played a key role in the development of the concept and developed all interactive control elements. As the general contractor, CANCOM has been responsible for project management, supplementary technical planning, concept development, installation of the required hardware and software, and operations.

Project: Digital Signage@Sky: Exklusive Premium?Content from Sky Sports News HD
Client: SKY Deutschland
Channel partners: Ströer, 360 TV, Wartezimmer TV, Mediativ AG

The third Digital Signage Best Practice Award went to the SKY Deutschland campaign titled “Digital Signage@Sky: exclusive premium content from Sky Sport News HD”. Channel partners Stöer, 360 TV, Wartezimmer TV and Mediativ AG were responsible for implementing the project. The sports news channel Sky Sport News HD acts as the content provider, offering a new and exclusive reporting format that broadcasts all relevant sports news and results in a rapid, comprehensive and up-to-the-minute way.

The jury verdict in the Content for Digital Signage category:

“Sky proves that TV content need not necessarily be poor content for digital signage. It all depends on the right adaptation. The supplier consistently prepares its content in a media-oriented manner for a wide variety of application options and screen formats. With an instinct for the medium in terms of type size and volume, image formats and a selection of images which work without sound, Sky uses existing material to create independent media content whose consistently structured brand management also invariably complies with the media channel being played.”

Client: Chronoswiss AG
Contractor: Martin Esser and screenFOODnet Digital Signage Retail Services AG
Partner: People interactive, Bison IST, Schreinerei Miesner/Cologne

Digital display cases, an immersive history display with touchscreen, and live broadcasts: for the opening of their new flagship store in Lucerne, Chronoswiss AG focussed on interactive information and enhanced emotion appeal. The House of Chronoswiss was implemented by Martin Esser and screenFOODnet Digital Signage Retail Services AG. Among other features, they integrated seven large screens in the shop-window to draw the attention of passers-by outside the store. An interactive history display with a touchscreen recounts the company’s 30-year history. Additional highlights at the flagship store are the digital display cases featuring transparent multi-screen displays.

This is what the Jury said:

Here the physical and digital worlds merge. Highly complex and yet easy to understand, the project combines a traditional brand with new media technology. The focus is on the product, with the technology taking an invisible background role in presenting it. The project not only adapts very well to the environment and the architecture, but also offers an outstanding interface. The interaction between the physical and the virtual world is particularly striking. With its scalable implementation, the solution is not only perfect for use in the flagship store but can also be realised as a shop-in-shop concept.

Client: Maximarkt
Contractor: NarComm DACH GmbH

22 screens to feed information on fresh foods, baked goods, and restaurant and café offers to customers at Maximarkt Anif: being one of the most cutting-edge supermarkets in Europe, the Maximarkt in Anif incorporated a novel communication concept. The screens were integrated seamlessly into the market’s design. Either fully automated or manual content creation is possible. Individual screens vary in size, and their content and animation design is aligned with the requirements of a supermarket. For example, content is displayed so it’s easy to recognise and understand – but not pushy. Vienna-based NarComm DACH GmbH handled content creation, screen installation, and technical service and support.

Client: TMT Factory
Contractor: AOPEN

A kiosk with touch functionality delivers a very special digital signage experience for customers at the FCBotiga megastore: FCBotiga installed large interactive touch kiosks throughout the three-storey shop at Camp Nou in Barcelona. Customers can choose their favourite football jersey and add their name, some text or their own lucky number. Right away, the result appears on a large screen for review. The shirt can then be purchased right onsite, without a long wait. Once payment has been made using the loyalty card, the finished product can be picked up at the FCBotega’s “Printing Lab” without having to wait in any queues. With this service, the megastore fuses digital and technical capabilities while simultaneously creating an interactive experience. The client was TMT Factory. The Digital Locker was developed by AOPEN from the Netherlands.

Client: Zurich Insurance Company Ltd
Contractor: ipeak Infosystems GmbH 

A functioning system for internal communications and the dissemination of information: in order to facilitate a smooth booking process and simple transfer of information, ipeak developed SkyKey Digital Communications solution the future for Zurich Insurance. The project received the award in the Interactive Signage category. The solution has been deployed at the SkyKey, a modern, 18-storey business complex in Zurich. To cover office space of about 40,000 m² along with more than 2,400 employees, the company developed a communication system that simplifies the spreading of information both internally and externally.

This is what the Jury said:

This project really solves a problem – and at the same time opens up a large variety of additional communication options via several platforms. With its clear structure and an excellent spatial concept, it presents an easy to use, technically outstanding as well as scalable tool which, on the one hand, meets the requirements of more efficient use of resources and also provides all users with a cross-system interface supplying all the information that is relevant for them. The multi device solution can be used via PC, tablet and Smartphone. Integration and functionality are excellent. Furthermore, the concentration on standardised hardware and software elements make for efficient servicing of the project.

Client: E-Plus Mobilfunk GmbH & Co. KG
Contractor: ameria GmbH

E-Plus Mobilfunk GmbH & Co. KG’s Virtual Promoter enables rear projection of a live-sized promoter and other digital content onto a projection surface. Users can interact with the system using gestures. ameria GmbH developed the Virtual Promoter mainly with the aim of providing brick-and-mortar retailers with a creative tool for approaching customers. The shop-window glass serves as the projection surface, the interface through which passers-by are addressed and products presented. The Virtual Promoter represents a new channel for the interactive presentation of products and information. The product pursues the primary goal of increasing visitor frequency in physical retail locations, thus boosting sales at the point of sale. In 2013, ameria registered a patent for this invention with the European Patent Office.

Client: Posterscope
Contractor: KoffeeCup

During a campaign for Iris, Posterscope and Vizeum, Mini drivers were delighted when they received special attention while riding their cars. As they approached digital JCDecaux roadside billboards, dedicated spotters would scan the model and colour of their Mini before it reached the first display. The spotters could even detect the driver’s gender, triggering the display on the screens of a short, customised series of adverts – in harmony with the speed of traffic. Additionally, a special campaign day was held on which Mini drivers received surprise car washes, bacon sandwiches or flowers. Also part of the campaign was a photo day on which a photographer set out to take pictures of drivers using a 4G camera. These images were then incorporated into advert sequences on digital displays, whereupon drivers could watch themselves riding their cars on the last DOOH screen.

Client: dreiform GmbH
Contractor: RV realtime visions GmbH

When 3M Austria moved their headquarters, they commissioned the construction of an exceptional foyer: an interactive projection surface, 14 metres in length, is the new eye-catcher there. The surface merges product experiences conveyed through media and haptic elements. RV realtime visions GmbH developed this new multimedia system on behalf of dreiform GmbH. The companies won the Digital Signage Best Practice Award in Information Signage Category.

This is what the Jury said:

Here the product is the star – not the technology it is based on. Reduced to a minimum while still providing amazing depth of information, the project combines a genuine product experience with the added information value of a digital signage application. At the same time, the complete application creates a room atmosphere that blends in excellently with the company’s corporate identity. The intelligent use of various technologies allows telling a clear story about a large range of both everyday and less mundane consumer products.

Client: Messe Düsseldorf
Contractor: dimedis GmbH

It boasts a height of almost seven metres: the world’s largest, free-standing video wall totem located at the North Entrance of the Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre. A total of 24 display screens keep trade fair visitors and exhibitors up to date with digital information, including videos, graphics, weather information, departure information, Twitter news, Instagram photos, a dynamic site map and of course exhibitor adverts. Several content feeds can be displayed at the same time. Serving as the hardware partner, InoNet Computer GmbH was responsible for developing and installing the digital signage totem. The biggest challenges in doing so were ensuring optimal stability and sufficient ventilation for the screens. The video wall’s content is controlled by kompas, dimedis GmbH’s digital signage software. A particularly tricky challenge the software had to overcome was displaying a multitude of digital and interactive formats, both static and dynamic, all at the same time and with immediate availability. The kicker, from a technical perspective, is that the installation is driven by a single InoNet Magnius® video wall controller.

Client: ProRail and NS Dutch Railways
Contractor: Edenspiekermann AG

In order to make the transfer process at train stations more comfortable, faster and safer – especially during rush hour – Edenspiekermann AG developed a 180-metre-long display for ProRail and NS Dutch Railways. Installed above the platform, it shows boarding information in real time. Here travellers can find all the information about the next inbound train that’s relevant to them, including the exact positioning of the train and its doors along the platform, the location of first- and second-class cars, and information on train features such as wheelchair ramps.

This is what the Jury said:

This project is special because it uses digital signage in a hitherto unprecedented way and offers genuine added value for both the customers and the company. The simple design which has been reduced to essentials provides users with an efficient and highly relevant information mechanism. The complete system blends in perfectly with its environment and represents a significant improvement in user experience compared to previous information processes. In this way, the scalable system increases safety and minimises stress factors.

These are the winners of the years 2007 to 2013:


Retail Signage
Kaufhof Warenhaus AG and Seen Media, Valora AG – Valora Retail and ScreenFood AG

Information Signage
BASF AG and Pixelpark AG, Ben Hur GmbH

Guiding Signage
Peek & Cloppenburg KG Düsseldorf and netvico GmbH

Special Award
XL Solutions GmbH and ag4 media facade GmbH


Retail Signage
Audi AG and Seen Media GmbH, JAXX AG and Bamoa

Information Signage
Deutsche Lufthansa AG and MultiVision GmbH, Grassfish, Vangenhassend, Fischer Enterprise

Guiding Signage
Messe Stuttgart and Dimedis

Special Award
Sixt GmbH & Co Autovermietung KG and Net Display Systems GmbH


Retail Signage
Dodenhof Posthausen Immobilen und Dienstleitungs KG and Online Software AG

Information Signage
Posta Slovenije d.o.o. and Garex d.o.o.

Guiding Signage
Andel’s Hotel Berlin and Macnetix

Content Award consult GmbH & Co. KG and Bamoa Unternehmensgesellschaft

Interactive Signage
OPTIMUS und EDIGMA.COM, APT Lucca and Hospitality Television

Special Award
Amnesty International, Vis-à-pix GmbH and Wall AG


Retail Signage
GRAVIS EDV Vertriebs GmbH and ~sedna GmbH

Interactive Signage
Coca-Cola Great Britain and Sedley Place

Guiding Signage
Messe Düsseldorf and Macnetix

Information Signage
Ad Airport Media Cyprus and GnosySoft Ltd. with Minicom Digital Signage

Special Award
Media-Saturn Holding GmbH and xplace GmbH


Retail Signage
Miele & Cie. KG and people interactive GmbH

Interactive Signage
Holyfields Restaurants with Scala and Newroom Media and Ippolito Fleitz Group

Guiding Signage
ECE Projektmanagement G.m.b.H & Co.KG with dimedis GmbH

Information Signage
IBM Deutschland GmbH and CPP Studios Event GmbH

Special Award
MANN+HUMMEL GmbH/MANN-FILTER with eyefactive GmbH, Steriolize GmbH and Hoynck


Retail Signage
Genossenschaft Migros Aare and screenFOOD AG

Interactive Signage
Deutsche Lufthansa AG and people interactive GmbH

Information Signage

Special Award
Birken-Apotheke Erik Tenberken e.K. and BEN HUR GmbH


Retail Signage
Dahler & Company GmbH and Visual Art Germany GmbH with ISS Intelligent Service Solutions & Flow4

Information Signage
Sønderborg kommune and Mermaid A/S, Dänemark

Guiding Signage
Finnpark Oy (Ltd), Tampere, Finnland and Palko Interactive Oy (Ltd), Kotka, Finnland with Vidamin Oy (Ltd)

Special Award
First Audio AS and LEDCON Systems GmbH

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Info Award

In its 11th year the Digita Retail Award honors efficiently planned and creatively implemented innovative and successful digital communication and digital signage projects with a focus on retail, brand and trade communication. The Awards are platform for digital retail projects and new home for digital agencies. All nominated projects present themselves at viscom Düsseldorf to a wide audience within the multifaceted industry of visual communication.

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